Wednesday, 18 September 2013


With the District Council trying to submit it Local Plan, the issue of housing is at he top of local discussion.

Last month the District Council produced it's three year housing strategy document for the next here year.

I have very real concerns over this three year strategy, the document talks about the opportunity to have a decent home, yet, any strategy should be providing decent homes for all.

Mendip Council has plans to provide 120 socially rented units per year for he next three years.

I have real concerns that the Council is far to relaxed with their relationship to private landlords, I think it is interesting that MDC licences taxis, this includes regular inspections of cabs and drivers providing evidence of good health, yet the very basic need of private rented housing, they have vague standards, surely every private rented home should have as a minimum of double glazing with energy efficient homes, with listed standards of management and accreditation.

The provision of socially rented housing is insufficient to meet the need and insufficient protection for private tenants.

This in the context of low paid insecure work and high levels of personal debt.

It has been suggested as the economic will come at some point, the level of mortgage repossession are likely to increase, if his happens then there will be more pressure on a rented sector that is becoming more expensive.

The national governments policy's are also making the situation worse, charging 80% of the market rent and short term tenancies as the norm, this with the bedroom tax and a minimum of 20% payment of council tax, the District Council housing strategy looks increasingly complacent in the face of huge housing challenges.

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