Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Campaign report

So nearly a week into this election campaign and the weather is staying with us, (every Englishman likes to talk about the weather), and the campaign is going rather well.

In Shepton West the second leaflet delivery is going out and the first in Shepton East, the canvassing is well up on 2011.

Tonight I have come across  one and only one, the tactical voting bug, this put out by the rather threadbare lib Dems, now this all they have to say. Policy wise they have to ask the Tories what their policies are.

They claim to be the alternative to the Tories, yet the Lib Dem MP agreed the front loaded cuts to local government and this has led to cuts in vital services. But like Pontios Pilate, they wash their hands of responsibility for cuts to housing benefit, the bedroom tax, increases of Council tax to the poorest and real terms cuts to in work benefit, all they want is your vote. I had the first person in the week talk about the wasted vote, remember only Labour offer real change, with a different set of values, than the Lib Dem Conservative administration that taxes the people on ordinary income (in net terms) and allow bankers to carry on regardless.

I enjoyed seeing a lib Dem leaflet that talks about honesty and next to that headline is claiming the Lib Dem standing for the Mendip byelection is Born and Bread in Shepton, but on Shepton.org the same candidate says he moved to Shepton in 1962 and he is more than three years older than me. If you are not prepared to tell the truth about the little things then what are you going to say over the big things, oh yes, no VAT increases and they did, no increases in tuition fees and there were and no top down reorganisation to the NHS etc etc. 

And the Tory candidate posing outside the Treatment Centre provided for by labour and the community hospital beds that are under real threat from the Lib Dem and Tory alliance, this threat to the hospital beds are driven by the top down reorganisation of the NHS neither the Lib Dems or Tories promised, with the new head of the NHS wanting to close or shrink hospitals.

People think voting is not important need to stop and think, the only wasted vote is a vote not used, if your vote is not used then you may get a council like the national government that is governing on an agenda not put to the electorate.

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