Saturday, 20 April 2013

Campaign report two

The campaign continues a pace.

What is coming across from talking to people on the doorstep is that people are unhappy with their councils and they feel Shepton is neglected.

I never understand why Shepton has such poor public transport, why is it Shepton is the only Mendip Town not to have direct bus services to the northern cities of Bath and Bristol?  We have a population of 10,000 people, this neglect must stop. There is a solution of redirecting a bus service and this needs to be done.

It is also clear the neglect in our Town centre needs attention, action needs to be taken in the regard to the derelict buildings, the bags of rubbish, this made worse by poor planning decisions needs to be remedied, fly tipping is a real problem and needs urgent action. The Council spends thousands of pounds funding CCTV, it's time this system was used to catch the perpetrators.

Your Councils need to work to help develop business and help people to find employment, it is clear that all layers of government must help the growth in our economy, whether this is through business support or use of local companies or better bus services to access work.

Funnily I came across the latest Lib Dem leaflet, I see they are complaining about the increase in council tax because of the reclassification by government of the average band D grant. Two things to say about this; 1. The Lib Dems accepted the local government settlement, Tessa Munt has been loyal to the CONDEM government on 99% of the time she attends voting on every 4 out of 5 votes, 2. The Libs Dems supported a 2% increase at the Town Council which would of made the situation worse. I voted for a freeze in Council Tax.

The good old Lib Dems can't be honest about the length of time a candidate has lived in Shepton now being disingenuous about Tax, the same old Lib Dems say anyhing do anything for your vote and then support the Conservatives in Parliament.

The fable of the frog and the scorpion applies here, it's in their nature.

My focus is on better public transport, grow the economy and opportunity for all in Somerset

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