Tuesday, 10 August 2010

It's now all about control

The Town Council has been consulted by Somerset Association of Local Councils on the Coalition governments proposals to cap the parish council rate.

The first thing to be said is as most Parish Councils recess in August it is not a good time to consult with them and expect responses by the end of August, this would lead you to believe that the coalition government are not much interested in parish opinion.

The second even in Mrs Thatcher days she did not think the local councils were made up of tax gorging maniacs. But this coalition government according to cllr Parham need to "control" the spending of local councils, largely by a incomprehensible local referendum proposal.

The Town Council rejected any capping proposal and complained about the timescale for this consultation.

But if the coalition need control of local councils spending, then they'll surely take control, and the parish pump will be controlled by expensive referendums at the costs of services.

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