Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Can you hear the winds

I hear another Lib Dem, or should I say one of the founders of the old SDP, complaining about what the Institute for Fiscal Studies called the CONDEMs budget as regressive, this despite repeated calls by Clegg and Alexander that the budget was progressive.

Mr Hancock said that he entered politics to make a difference not to punish the poor. Sadly the Lib Dems have voted for an regressive budget and huge spending cuts, these will punish not only the poor, but many low income workers.

I'm not much interested in these pathetic former SDPs hand wringing, they chose their path.

I suspect this will be a growing phenomenon of senior Lib Dems speaking out about the coalition government, whilst voting in the parliamentary lobby with that same government, this is the difference from being an unprincipled political party and a party of government, it's time for the Lib Dems to grow up, they chose government, now live with it.

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