Saturday, 5 September 2015

Electing a new Leader


The election for the Labour party’s new leader enters the last week and Labour Party members from across the Wells constituency met in Wells to hear and debate from Kerry McCarthy MP representing Andy Burnham MP candidature and Clare Moody MEP representing Yvette Cooper candidature.

During the evening Labour Party members’ debated issues such as the rural economy and how to create wealth, debating how we safeguard the living standards of all who live in our country, the importance of lifelong learning and protecting the NHS and expanding social care, there were also debates around fracking and protection of the environment.

Clare Moody MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, supporting Yvette Cooper, said Labour can only grow the economy if the workforce has the right skills and the best training, invests in infrastructure (including the digital economy) that promotes economic growth and delivers high quality childcare that families need.

This country needs a serious plan for good jobs and growth, we lag behind many of our competing nations on productivity, Britain is being left behind. Too many businesses are stuck in narrow short term thinking, we need to double our investment in science, creating high tech jobs, with a vocational skills revolution. Labours alternative must support new, good jobs for the future, sustain our public services and bring down the deficit in a way that is fair.

Kerry McCarthy MP, who supported Andy Burnham MP, Labour is a party with a big vision for Britain that delivers a better life for everyone in this country. Government often overlooks the wealth creators, small to medium size businesses, many small businesses innovation and growth are hindered by the inability to attract high quality staff and investment to produce new products and services. Businesses need their business rates reduced too.

The last Labour government rebuilt our schools and saved our NHS, we tackled child poverty with tax credits and sure start and children centres, the challenges the next Labour government will be about tackling an economy that works for too few, that is not educating and skilling the workforce to compete in a 21st century economy. Britain needs healthcare that meets people’s expectation and social care that protects the most vulnerable in our society. We need to be building homes that people need and devolving power and responsibility to local communities to find the best way to deliver vital services.

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