Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Why we need good public services

To quote Led Zepplin ' it's been a long time' since I blogged, I went on holiday and then broke my collarbone, in a bicycle accident.
I learned something from this accident;-
That I'm not so young as I was, bones don't mend quite as quick as they did.
Secondly, how important it is to wear a bicycle helmet, even on short rides, something I did not do, so  I conclude I'm a lucky man I landed on my shoulder!
Thirdly, how good public sector workers are, the ambulance was there to patch me up within minutes, then the care at our local community hospital, just one note here, the nurse couldn't order a chest        X-Ray, but could if I had gone to Frome, seriously odd. I then was transported by ambulance to Yeovil hospital where I was taken to the crash unit, seemed a little over the top, I think they thought I'd punctured my lung, the staff were amazing.
I'm now starting physiotherapy, so with a fair wind back to work in two weeks.
Surely this is the strength of good public funded services, no one could predict I was going to fly over my handle bars and need medical help, the care I received in financial terms must of cost a tidy sum, but a publicly funded health service was there, I was treated as a patient not what my insurance covered me for.
This is what makes the NHS so important, I work and happily pay my taxes and for this when I need health care it was there for me, surely this is a fair deal, having said that I hope I don't need it again, breaking bones is just too painful.
Oh yes and public servants need to be paid well, my gratitude is measured in gold!

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