Thursday, 8 December 2011

Homelessness up 13% this year

The number of households declared homeless so far this year is up by 13 per cent from the same period last year, according to Government figures out today.

35,680 households have been accepted as homeless by local authorities since the start of 2011.

This is also borne out by a recent CAB meeting where it was stated issues raised around home ownership had increased by 36% this year, it was also thought that the worst was still to come as lenders see little point in repossessing as the market is poor. Levels of debt are high, with mortgage arrears and secured loans are up 26%.

And with rising unemployment, with less secure employment and an increases in fuel bills and a continued squeeze on living costs, the picture is unlikely to improve any time soon.

The number of new affordable homes being built for the first half of this year have fallen by 97% on the same time last year, to a mere 454 homes, it can’t be a surprise that unemployment is rising, when one of our most labour-intensive industries is collapsing.

There is now a real challenge with housing for government, this government policies of increasing the cost of new tenancies, with reduced tenure will hurt low paid workers the most, this coupled with few new social lets will force people into expensive private landlords.

Shelter says "we know only too well that being made homeless, or living each day under the constant threat of homelessness, is a horrific experience that can tear families apart. That’s why we will be doing all we can to help those who are struggling this Christmas"

Sadly our millionaire cabinet are turning a blind eye.

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