Thursday, 17 February 2011

Somerset would close for business at six o'clock

Andrew Govier, leader of the labour Group on Somerset County Council has outlined the level of cuts to the bus services agreed yesterday in Taunton
There are almost 250 bus services in Somerset, almost all of which are subsidised to some extent by the County Council. A reduction will be made in this subsidy of around £3.6m over three years, lifeline bus routes are to be slashed as the council halves its spending on supported buses. Bus companies will look at their own routes and work out whether they can continue, though the Council is having talks with operators to try to avoid an impact upon journeys to work, schools and colleges, and medical appointments.

One bus company said "Somerset would close for business at six o'clock and off-peak services will take a significant hit”

The Mendip Labour Party believes these cuts will have dramatic impact on people and their ability to live productive lives, especially the young and the old.

How do people without cars go to the theatre or an evenings entertainment from Shepton if buses no longer run from Wells or Frome after 6pm in the evening?

How will young people visit their friends who live out of town or need the bus return from work in the evening, if these buses are removed because of these cuts, then the quality of life has been damaged.

Mendip's local economy is becoming more reliant on Tourism, rural link services are very important that join our Market Towns, and give tourist an opportunity to visit our unique Towns and villages.

The Mendip Labour Party will campaign for good bus services, we need good bus services to allow people to socialise, access to services, leisure and economic activity, with fuel increasing the bus is an ever important alternative form of transport.

The coalition of Conservative Council and Conservative Lib Dem Government have cut public services to fast to hard, with the result of crucial public services being decimated.

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