Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Heart warming in Chile

Just a brief posting, but how wonderful was it to see those Chilean miners released from their days locked in their tomb hundreds of metres below the surface.

These monumental efforts by the miners surviving, the rescuers efforts to reach the miners and the courage of the miners families that believed in their rescue.

I felt their joy, wasn't it just wonderful, I guess that is what makes us human.

My family were North Somerset miners, I am happy the NCB closed those pits, I would have no desire to work under ground, but I have total respect for those men who did work in deep mining, being dropped hundreds of metres in a wire cage deep into the earth at 15 yrs old, yep, not for me!

The Renewable energy has great opportunities in the west country, we have wind and tidal power to capture, this clean energy needs capture.

These new environmental jobs should be growth here in the UK.

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