Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Planning news

The three weekly planning meeting was held tonight.

The issues tonight were, replacement shop frontages in 3 Town Street, this was recommended for refusal on the basis that there were too many new shop fronts looking the same and lacked diversity of design, although the address is in Town Street effectively the shop fronts are in the Market Place. However all councillors supported the idea of new shop fronts.

Conversion of first and second floor to self contained flats in 47 and 49 High Street, these were recommended for approval, but concern about the flats not having wheely bins storage provision.

The last item was from Flourish homes at the Hillmead area to demolish car barns, three bin store and refurbish seven bin stores and create two new play areas. This was recommended for approval, although concern was expressed that the new play areas were small and we suggested removal of a block of flats to allow a decent play area, concerns were expressed about loss of car parking.

I was keen to express my view that a lot of money had been spent on the flats over the years, the old play area was lost for housing and significant investment was made in the flats years ago, now the housing company are spending more on the flats, but most people want houses and a garden, this should be a long term aim.

Cllr Dunscombe tried to raise the new MOT bays workshop in Pauls Street, he was concerned that the new workshops distracted from listed buildings, sadly members who agreed the workshop were not keen to hear him. The Town Council recommended approval for this development on the 17 March 2009, sadly I was not a member on the Planning Committee at the time, I would of thought Mendip planners could have agreed better materials for this workshop.

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