Thursday, 25 March 2010

Morale is High

The monthly Shepton Mallet Labour Party was held this evening, with the best attendance for many years, members are in a very optimistic mood.

Labour members were informed that a by election will be held in Shepton due to the resignation of another conservative councillor, Mrs Taylor. The Labour Party will field a candidate this time.

Clearly, the budget was discussed, with many measured welcomed by the meeting, the measures to help small businesses to help with skills and innovation, the extension of capital allowances and extending the relief on capital gains tax relief for entrepreneurs. Help for the young unemployed was welcomed.

The new green investment fund should help to develop low carbon technologies.

The Continued support for the older peoples winter fuel payments was right.

With this probably the last meeting before the general election, members are looking forward to the campaign, excited by the prospect of campaigning for a fourth labour term.

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